Our RV history

Yes, we live in an RV.  But when we think about it, living in an RV isn’t so far fetched.  We’ve always been campers.  I remember sitting in the hot tub at my condo when Ian and I were dating.  We would discuss things we enjoyed doing, how we pictured our future and even how we wanted to retire.  From the very beginning, we dreamed of owning our first camper as a couple.

The first pop up we bought in 2011 for our church’s family camp.  It was a 1976 Starcraft and it was nothing less than awesome!  It was decked out in its 70s era orange and brown.  $800.

And when we had our “first mold” in 2012, it became our residence in our driveway for a while.  Living in your driveway with a 6, 4 and 3 year old really is as enjoyable as it sounds.

Awesome orange

We were nearly at the height of the illnesses and everyone had severely restricted diets due to food allergies and sensitivities.  Cooking in the pop up for special allergies just added to our fun.  We can’t complain though.  Without that pop up, we’d have been in a tent.

starcraft 1
Starcraft at family camp, 2011

starcraft 2








Our next camper was a gift to ourselves.  We felt that after the first mold remediation, that we needed a nice family gift.  We enjoyed camping immensely and wanted something a bit easier to vacation in.  We’d dealt with mold and by the time January of 2014 came around, we knew that it was the mold that had made us sick.

Ian dumping the black water for the first time in the Prowler! Little did he know that he was in training for RV life!

Our pride and joy was our 1992 Prowler with bunkbeds.  It was SA-WEET!  We LOVED that thing!  Oh my goodness!  So many found memories in there and we didn’t even get to own it a year.  And when we sold the Starcraft, we actually made $300!



prowler 1

Again, God had given us a place to live while we had yet another instance of mold.

Jayco pop up
1995 Jayco

Sadly, after finding the second mold in May 2014, we had to sell the Prowler in order to pay for the up front costs on the rental we moved into.  But camping could NOT keep us at bay.  We moved into the rental late September 2014 and by December, we had yet another camper.  This time it was a 1995 some type of pop up.  I don’t even know what it was!  We only took it out once.

We moved into our RV home (2015 Dutchmen Aerolite) in 2015 and traded in the pop up.   Less than a year later, we bought another pop up!  Living in an RV does not mean you have to stop “camping.”  We now have a 2012 Flagstaff Mac.  We’ve taken it out several times and we just love it.  We don’t have a vehicle yet to pull our Dutchmen and besides, camping in the Dutchmen isn’t really camping; it’s “glamping.”

Just last week we made reservations for a campground in San Diego and we’re looking forward to taking the pop up there!

flagstaff in happy valley
2012 Flagstaff. This is camping at its finest! No people, out in nature. LOVE.

As you can see, camping is in our blood.  I don’t think we will ever be without something to camp in.  And now, after living in an RV, we are really excited to find a vehicle to pull this and start traveling!  SO EXCITED!  The entire country is calling our names.  As we begin the vehicle search this winter and start making our plans for our first voyage, I hope you’ll join us!