Benefits of living in an RV

Benefits of Living in an RV Resort

When we first moved into our RV, we got a lot of awkward looks of condolences by people we told.  We were all of a sudden, in their eyes, thrust into a world of “trailer trash.”  At least that’s the way their looks and words made it seem.  We were now less than because we were not the norm.

Living here a year now, our family has grown in so many ways.  I really feel like we’ve stumbled on a secret.   A secret so great, that I’m a little afraid to tell you!  We were not thrust into another life where we are surrounded by poverty like so many assumed.  We were thrown back in time.  A time where you know your neighbors, kids run amuck, and you can literally spend every waking hour outside!

For all the negative connotations about our lifestyle, I thought I’d let you know what it is REALLY like.  Different RVers may have different points of view.  And people living in houses may live the way we do in the RV.  This is how WE changed.


Cleaning is a breeze!  I can clean our RV from end to end and have it completely spotless in half an hour.  HALF AND HOUR.  And that is completely scrubbed.  Our old house was 1789 sq ft.  First of all, it took much longer to clean and never looked clean to me because of the mold.  The mycotoxins are sticky and just left a gross film on everything.  That aside, on a good day, I could do a full clean (beds made, cat poops picked, laundry put away, etc) in about 2 hours?  Maybe?  And that’s not counting the yard work!  But maybe more time.


Mostly because of the cleaning benefit, time is on our side.  We have so much time now.  We used to wish for more hours in the day, more hours in the week and especially more time for our weekends.  Now, with cleaning minimal, we have precious time.  We don’t have yardwork, we don’t have house projects.  I’d say that was our biggest job; the house projects.  Since the house was a fixer upper, it was NEVER fixed up.  It was a constant chore in addition to regular life chores.  Sure, we have general upkeep on the RV, but it is no where even close to the old house!

Just this weekend, I commented to Ian as I grabbed my cup of coffee to sit outside, “I don’t even remember, in the 7 years we lived in the mold house, drinking my morning coffee outside!  And we lived on 3/4 acre with a nice backyard!”  I think it was simply because I didn’t have TIME.  From the moment I woke up, there were constant chores.  I recall (and dreaded) the sound of the vacuum at 6am.  Ian was trying to get on top of chores, but there was nothing I LOATHED more than the sound of that darn vacuum so early.  Before my COFFEE nonetheless.  Drove me up the wall!




Ok, this is the tricky part.  Are we saving leaps and bounds?  No.  But here’s why.  We now have money for all the supplements, medications and doctors we need to get better.  Fortunately, we have never had credit card debt.  Zero.  In fact, I don’t even think we have credit cards.  Early in our marriage we had car loans, but with the housing market boom, we were able to pay off cars and have only bought vehicles with cash since.  With the supplements and doctors we had in the mold house, along with the constant upkeep on the house and buying of “stuff” to fill up the house, we just had no money left for vacations.  None.  In fact, when we finally took our first real vacation to DisneyLand in 2014, that money came from a 401K loan.  Which we had to take out to do improvements on that house.  Now we have money not only for the healthcare we need, but for vacations, going out to eat, local events, babysitters.  We are enjoying the money my husband makes instead of feeling like we were constantly working just to keep our heads out of debt.


This encompasses so much.  We have freedom from the “daily grind” so to speak.  Above, I talked about using our money just to keep afloat.  Now we have freedom to spend money on things we WANT to do instead of things we NEED to do.  We have freedom from the white picket fence American “dream.”  You know the one, where you work hard to have a bigger house, better cars, nicer schools, and greener grass than your neighbors.  In our society, “making it” means you live in a nice house, mom and dad both work fulltime and fulfilling careers, kids go to a nice school and camps in the summer, you own 2 vehicles and look forward to your one vacation a year.  No one ever talks about the price of the American “dream” where mom and dad end up getting divorced because they never see each other, they are swollen with credit card debt and the kids want more more more instead of being satisfied with what they have.


This is the most important benefit.  Once you’ve escaped trying to live a stereotypical American life, you realize one very important lesson.  People matter.  More than anything.  “Love thy neighbor” truly means just that.  Now that we have time and money, we can concentrate on loving our neighbors.  We get to know them, help them, fellowship with them, form real and lasting relationships with them.

We lived in the mold house for 7 years.  We got to know our nchan-on-loving-god-and-othersext door neighbors pretty well.  But there were 6 houses in the cul de sac and had very many other neighbors close by.  We didn’t even wave to most of them.  It took many years to learn the name of the people who lived diagonal from us.  We did the best we could given the indoor lifestyle most people seemed to have.  But we were not without LOVE for our neighbors, but we could have done more.  They could have done more.  I’m not sure the way society lives right now is conducive of how God envisions it should be.

I have created a section in the RV section of this site called “characters.”  This is for the characters who live here in the park, for the people we meet coming and going.  Because we are able to really get to know people, and they are all great.  We love this aspect of living here.  So much so that I created an entire section of the website to them!

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I then asked the kids what benefits they saw from living in an RV.  Talking to kids is often very eye opening.  Kids are amazing little people!  Here’s what they had to say.


Mobile.  One benefit of living in an RV is the ability to be mobile.  When we get a vehicle to move this, we can move!  There’s nothing really holding us back!  My husband still has some things to figure out with working remotely with his job, but once he does that, we can go anywhere we want.

Fun friends come and go.  We have met so many kids.  When we moved here, both Kylee and Weston were still quite shy.  But new kids come and go so quickly here.  If they want to form a fast friendship, they have to speak up quickly.  They have been forced to come out of their shells and introduce themselves, share things about themselves and sort of “market” themselves to the kids.  A sort of “Hi, I’m Kylee.  I enjoy xyz and I’m an excellent kid to play with because abc.”  This is beneficial now, but I can only see greatness in years to come!  What a great skill!


We can do more stuff.  He said we have more time to spend with them now and more money to do it.

“It feels like the whole campground is our home.”  We moved from 3/4 acre (not counting the brief 6 months in the rental) to an itty bitty “yard” in the RV resort.  We are surrounded on all sides by ranch land here, which is nice.  Makes it feel bigger.  But it makes me happy that the kids feel like the whole place is theirs.  We have our tiny yard, but they also have most of the park for riding their bikes, they have the playground, they made a fort in the land outside of the gates, and we have a nice pool to cool off in all summer long.  As long as they behave, management lets them do pretty much whatever their little hearts desire.


This was the most profound quote I got from the kids.  “When you’re sick, it’s a normal sick.”  Being in mold, he was constantly mold sick.  He felt like dying.  Not something a mother wants to hear from her 3 year old.  So hearing that he feels better here is so wonderful.  He’s had a couple small “normal” viruses here and that is “normal sick” for him.  For the first time in about 6 years, he had a fever in this RV!  Because of his autoimmune disease, he’d stopped getting fevers.  Whenever he’d get a virus, it went straight to his brain and caused a slew of issues, but was never sick like regular people.  He wouldn’t get a cough or a runny nose or sneeze.  He’d get a “puffy” brain (the brain inflammation), rashes, out of control behavior, he’d be on an emotional roller coaster.

We always knew in the mold house that God had a plan.  He sure took his time setting His plan in motion, but now we are seeing the plan unfold and we could not be anymore grateful for His blessings!