I’m down! (Part 3 of Our Story)

I was the first one really “down” and had real diagnosis from mold, but it wasn’t linked to mold till years later.

As I sit down to write this, even after reviewing medical files in attempt to jog my memory, I still don’t know where to begin.  This is why it took so long to start a blog.  This time period was so crazy and hectic, I just don’t know what happened when, even with all the dates right there in front of me.

As I was reviewing files, I found the date I had my hysterectomy and appendectomy.  It was summer of 2010.  So that is where I will begin.

Remember back to the first post of this story.  I had been having severe stomach pain with diarrhea and the frequency was rising.  At one of my follow up appointments after having Weston, I complained to my OBGYN about this pain.  She said that it could be endometriosis.  However, the only way to tell is to check via laproscopy which is a procedure done under anesthesia.  I talked it over with Ian.  I had had a few instances of moderate to severe dysplasia (bad pap smears to put it in layman’s terms) and I wanted nothing more than this pain to go away.  I went back in and told the doctor that I just wished for a hysterectomy.  We discussed it and it was decided.  In July, I’d get that operation.

Two weeks prior to the operation, the stomach/abdominal pain was so severe that I knew I had to go to ER.  It was the evening and my dear sister took me.  I finally got a CT scan sometime around 2am.  I recall my white blood cells counts were off.  The next day (because I had been admitted), a hospital doctor informed me that my appendix looked funny.  His words, not mine.  He said he didn’t know why, but they wanted to observe me a few days.  He was reluctant to remove my appendix as I had the upcoming operation.  The hospital kept me till my blood levels all read normal.  I was told that if my appendix looked abnormal during the hysterectomy, they would remove that as well.

Two weeks passed without major pain (aside from the daily pain).  I went into the hospital to get my hysterectomy.  After operation I was told they also took my appendix.  Blanket diagnosis before biopsy was “your appendix was black and shriveled up.”  Basically, it had up and died.  Later, when I got results, it was shown that I had chronic cervicitis and chronic appendicitis.

Later that year I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma and had chronic bronchitis.  Sometime later down the line, I asked Ian if there was a chronic itis disease.  Much to my surprise, we learned there IS such a think as “chronic itis.”  It’s called CIRS or chronic inflammatory response syndrome.  CIRS is deserving of it’s own post.  Own website actually, so I won’t expand on that here.

Mold had stolen the preschool years of our children and now my ability to even have more kids.

me post op

This ^ is me post op resting at Ian’s parents’ cabin.  I have a very high tolerance for pain.  Even ripping out my innards, I was all set to start grilling!

The operation helped my pain and alleviated my diarrhea somewhat/mostly.  I don’t remember.  But I’m glad I had the operation done.  First, I was period free to deal with the ensuing madness that became our “lives.”  I have that in quotes because, really, it was no life at all.  We were merely surviving.