We’ve Moved!

Ok, so now that I have your attention, we didn’t really “move.”  We did, however, do something even better; we bought a new camper!  We upgraded to a 2016 Heartland Gateway 3650 BH.

Our first home on wheels

This upgrade is much better than any move.   We got a bigger house.  A nicer house.  But we didn’t have to leave friends behind.  We didn’t have to learn a new neighborhood.  We didn’t even  have to  leave our perfect Mulberry tree!

Here’s a little comparison of what we had and what we have now.  I’m hoping to get a video this weekend of our new house and will post it.

First:  THE FRIDGE.  We went from a typical tiny camper fridge to a real house sized fridge.  I’ve yet to figure out how to fill the new fridge!  I’m so used to shopping for a tiny space!  Even after grocery shopping, our new refrigerator looks empty.

Next:  THE BUNKHOUSE.  You may recall the bunkhouse in our old travel trailer.  At the time, I thought it was big.  It had one slide.  This one has two and a LOT more built in storage.  We can sit, as a family of 5, on the bunkhouse floor and play a game.  There’s no way we could have done that in the old house.

THE BATHROOM.  A second bathroom was a must because we’d grown used to a second bath in our travel trailer.  This new one also has a second bath, but the master is much better.  One feature this new one has is something I think most people wouldn’t think of as first time purchasers.  You do not need to walk through the bathroom in order to get to the master bedroom.  This means my husband can get ready in the morning without worrying about waking me up.  It also means you don’t have to wait for someone to finish their bathroom duties to get into the bedroom!  AND we have a bathtub!!!  WOOT!

THE LIVING ROOM.  Yes.  We have a living room.  Not just a long bowling alley that serves as a hallway.  With 2 couches (well, one couch and a bench seat) and a U shaped dining table, everyone has a place to sit!

THE MASTER BEDROOM.  This is my favorite upgrade.  We can walk into a bedroom and walk around!  Oh the simple things.  We can stand up to hang our shirts in our “walk in” closet!  I’m not sure what human over 3 feet tall can actually walk into it, but that is what they call it.  But it is better than having to kneel on the bed in order to shove clothes into a 1 foot wide “closet” on the sides of the bed.  We also have hookups for a washer/dryer.  We don’t have one in yet, but I’m looking forward to getting one this winter!

We feel like we are living in luxury folks!  We were between this model and a toy hauler.  A quick rundown of our decision making process.  First, this one was $25k cheaper.  Along with the price difference, a toy hauler doesn’t offer built in storage in the garage/bunkhouse area.  Therefore, we’d have to purchase storage for toys, clothing, etc.  So that would cost more.  The biggest difference is weight.  While the toy hauler was 20,000 pounds, this Gateway is just over 12,000.  Why does that matter?  Because to get a truck big enough to pull a 20,000 pound 5th wheel, you need a newer truck with a bigger engine.  We could not find anything under $45,000 that could pull that.  For 12,000, we can find trucks below $30,000.  We are hoping to get a truck early next year with our budget being around $22,000.  So in all, a toy hauler would have cost about $40k-$50k more.  That’s a HUGE difference!

Author: Nikki Sharp

Hello! We are a Christ following, homeschooling, fulltimev RVing family of 5. We escaped the horrors of a moldy home and are making a fresh start!

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