The steps to travel…

Ian and I are so excited to start traveling!  But for us, it’s not easy.  I think for many it isn’t easy to travel in an RV long term.  We belong to an RV fulltimers facebook group.  For most who are wanting to pursue this lifestyle, downsizing is the hardest part.  However, this part was done for us!  Downsizing is something that had to be done for our health.  We had to throw out everything.  We’ve seen several posts in the fulltime group where people are having to decide which items to bring.  I remember one post where someone posted a picture of 2 hammers and asked the group which to bring.  Yeah, it gets that nutty.

But the downsizing has been done.  The RV purchase is complete.  The next thing on our list is buying a vehicle to pull the RV!  Our current plans are this; we will spend the summer making shorter trips in our pop up camper pulled by my Tahoe.  Come fall, we will sell pop up and start the search for a vehicle to pull.  Right now we have 2 choices.   We can get a bigger SUV.  The one option that seems available to us is the Ford Excursion.  The second choice is a large truck.  My pros and  cons list looks like this


Pros:            Can fit the 5 of us plus 2 cats comfortably


Cons:            Won’t pull a 5th wheel                                                      



Pros:            We want to upgrade to a 5th wheel in a couple years and we would not have to buy another vehicle after buying the 5th wheel.

Cons:          REALLY squished quarters for 5 people and 2 cats


What are your thoughts on this?  Any other things to consider?  Once we start the search, I’ll be posting what we look at and our opinions of each.


Author: Nikki Sharp

Hello! We are a Christ following, homeschooling, fulltimev RVing family of 5. We escaped the horrors of a moldy home and are making a fresh start!

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