San Diego: From a moldie’s view

We just got back from our annual vacation from California.  This year we decided to stay in San Diego, but we did surprise the kids with a trip to Disneyland!

Growing up, my family went to Disney World quite often.  I loved it.  It was so magical.  When we took kids to Disneyland in May of 2014, the magic was still there.  After going this time, I realized much of that magic was based on the fact that we left a toxic home and the hotel we stayed in and the places we visited were just far less moldy than whence we came.

When we visited Southern California in May 2015, it wasn’t as great.  It was a month after moving into the RV.  We visited Legoland and several other places.  Sadly, we stayed in a moldy hotel.  IMG_3883

Here is a picture I took of my eyes from staying in the hotel in 2015.  They were so blood shot.  I also had a lot of swelling in my face.


This is a little hard to see.  A day before leaving, I was looking for mold.  Given Trevor’s meltdowns and my bloodshot eyes and our food intolerances that came back, I knew there was mold.  It didn’t take long to find.  It was a 3 room hotel room.  A bed room area, a living room area and another bedroom area.  I found this under a window in the room the kids were staying in.  I saw black right under the window frame and saw a tiny bit of wallpaper peeling back.  So I held it back a bit further (without pulling back anymore than that which was already peeled as I didn’t want to disturb mold) and took a pic.  After several back and forth emails with the hotel manager, nothing happened.  I didn’t want compensation.  I just wanted them to address the mold issue.

Alas, spring came this year and thoughts turned to CA again.  This time we had our pop up, so we would not be staying in a moldy location.  We really thought the trip would be different.  But we didn’t take unmasking into account.  For more information on unmasking, click

Where We Are Today


A major issue for us, which I didn’t consider, was air quality.  San Diego was very cloudy the entire time we were there.  San Diego is a very big city with lots of cars and lots of pollution.  When the clouds roll in, they hold in the pollution, smog, pollen, everything.  The longer the clouds are there, the more pollutants build up.  It was terrible.  Weston’s asthma flared, Trevor had a harder time at controlling his anger, and I just didn’t feel right.  By the time we left, Kylee started in with a virus (which has almost completely cleared up in a very short time for her).

Disneyland was the hardest day.  Since we were staying in San Diego, we had to drive up to Anaheim.  At rush hour.  It took 2.5 hours in back to back traffic to get there.  By the time we arrived, my head was pounding from breathing in the exhaust.  Then we had to stand in the few lines before being in the park.  Behind women who felt the need to douse themselves with poison in an apparent attempt at smelling good.  This only made my headache worse and I felt dizzy.  NOT a good feeling when entering the happiest place on Earth!

Being a Disney lover, I entered the park with sheer happiness despite my feeling miserable.  I took ibuprofen and got some coffee in me (we left so early that I didn’t get my coffee).  Our first ride was the Matterhorn.  Weston was finally tall enough, so this was our first stop.  This is probably the worst thing to go on when you feel sick.  All the ride did was take my head and rattle it.  And on our very first ride, I understood what was going to be coming the rest of the day.  MOLD.  The inside of the ride smelled of mold.  This instantly broke my heart.   Of all places, one of my favorites was moldy.

My headache eventually started to abate and we ventured to Pirates of the Caribbean.  We were very excited about this one because it was shut down when we went in 2014.  This was BY FAR the moldiest ride there.  I wanted so badly to enjoy the ride.  Instead, I spent the ride with my shirt over my face. 

I’m happy to be living out of mold, but the unmasking is so incredibly hard.  I just want to go on vacation.  I don’t think I’m asking too much there.  This vacation also opened my eyes to something.  Many people speak of the “location effect.”  This is the thought that air in some areas are more toxic than others.  It’s not that I didn’t believe in this before.  I just never felt it.  Until this trip.  I now know that the air quality where is live is good.  We have good, clean air.  For this I am grateful.

My favorite pic of the trip
My favorite pic of the trip