How NOT to remove mold

Where was I in our story?  Ah yes, around 2011.  This is the hardest year to review as I just don’t remember it.  It  was clear that our lives had made a drastic turn for the worse.  Food allergies galore.  Trevor was allergic to 20 foods in the end, Weston barely eating and Kylee had 7.  I also started developing food allergies which was very odd for me.  I’d never had food issues before.  Ian had a slew of food allergies from his past return with a vengeance.

Trevor’s mind was gone.  He was a different kid.  He was constantly irritable, had trouble with transitions from one activity to the next, had trouble with self care, had rage issues, would become violent at times, his short term memory led to some stuttering and a LOT of “um’s,” he had trouble writing, he would say he felt like he was dying, and life was just so hard for him.  It seemed like it was a struggle for him just to make it through the day.

I’ll touch more on these times as I write.  I know I’m forgetting things.  But 2011 was nothing compared to the year to follow.

In March, 2012, we heard a small hissing sound.  We listened carefully and found the sound in the master bathroom behind the toilet.  We called a plumber and he came out to fix the leak.  It was a very slow leak and it was where the pipe turned up from under the concrete floor.  The plumber mentioned he found some mold.  I think that day changed everything.

So here is what NOT to do when you find mold.  But for future reference, what you should do is:  CALL A PROFESSIONAL. 


  • Ian started ripping up our bathroom walls.  That was the first thing we did wrong.  Once those spores are released in the air, they become AIRBORNE (duh).  Previously, the mold was mostly contained in the walls.  A few spores got into the house through holes such as light fixtures and outlets, but now it was all open.
  • We then sprayed the area with bleach.  Bleach does not kill mold.  Especially not the amount and on the surface we used it on.  Bleach can kill SURFACE mold.  Once the chlorine has killed or reduced surface mold, you are left with the water soaking into whatever material the mold was on and FEEDING the mold.  Mold is a fungus, and as a fungus, has roots.  Bleach will kill the tops but the roots lay beneath the surface.  Also, bleach itself is toxic.  You’re just adding more toxins onto toxins.   Here ‘s a little more on why to not use bleach on mold.
  • Ian pointed a fan on the moldy area.  This was done in order to “dry” the mold out after the bleach was doused on it.  All the fan did was blow the new bleach/mold toxin mixture into the air.
  • We still slept in our room-with Weston-with the bathroom door OPEN.  So we were sleeping not a few feet away from a room FULL of mold, sprayed with a bleach and a fan blowing it everywhere.
  • When Ian started removing the wall, at first he started carrying moldy material throughout the house to the front door.  Another opportunity for spores to be spread.

After a couple days or so of this utter insanity, I told Ian to stop.  Just stop, we need to call a professional.  We should have done this FIRST.  However, we didn’t really know how much mold was there. 

I was looking at Facebook memories and came across a memory from April, 2011

Our nasty moldy shower gets stripped, cleaned, regrouted and resealed today! Hooray!

Yeah, so that happened.  I don’t recall what we did at that time.  I think Ian just went in and did the work, but we didn’t remove anything.  There was something in me that knew the shower was moldy, but what that really meant in the whole big picture, we were clueless.

I have ONE and ONLY one picture of the mold.  Here ya goone and only mold pic

Let’s analyze this picture.  First, let’s look at the mold itself.  What colors do you see?  How many layers do you see?  What is that in Ian’s hand?  What’s on the floor on the left part of the picture?  Pictures tell so much.  Although I only have one picture of the mold, I’m glad it is this one.  It’s a picture of everything that went wrong.

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Hello! We are a Christ following, homeschooling, fulltimev RVing family of 5. We escaped the horrors of a moldy home and are making a fresh start!

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