Mold Timeline

Here’s the timeline of our mold as best as I can remember:

July, 2007               Moved into mold house


2009                          Weston born and my bronchitis and asthma started


2010                           My asthma was diagnosed, taught my last class, started kids’ allergy tests, Kylee’s tonsils out


2011                           Allergies got worse, anaphylactic reactions began, mast cell activation symptoms started


2011                            My hysterectomy and appendectomy


March, 2012           Found leak and mold.  First remediation


May, 2012                Kylee had tonsils removed


July, 2012                Weston stopped eating completely and tube put in


November 2013     Found naturopath who figured out we were sick due to the mold


May, 2014                Trip to Disneyland and found mold in other end of house upon return


May June, 2014   Second mold remediation


June-August           Prepared house for sale


August-Sept 2014           House on market.  Lots of lookers, no offers


September  2014             I told Ian that we should do another mold test on house


September 25, 2014       Got results back indicating high levels of toxic mold


September 26, 2014       Found a rental to move into


September 27, 2014        We left the house and everything we owned


September 28, 2014       Our 11 year anniversary


February 2015                  Got mold test back on rent indicating very high levels of stachybotrys


February 2015                Moved into tent in backyard


March 2015                      Moved into tent in campground


April 2015                       Moved into RV


May 2015                        Trevor’s first EEG and subsequent diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis

Author: Nikki Sharp

Hello! We are a Christ following, homeschooling, fulltimev RVing family of 5. We escaped the horrors of a moldy home and are making a fresh start!

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