Welcome to my blog!!  I created this blog as a means to write down memories.  Our family has endured something quite traumatic and I wanted a place to chronicle what we have been through so that it is always remembered.  But in making this public, our hope is that this can serve as a way to help others.

In September, 2014, we left our home and all of our belongings.  We’d been sick for many years due to toxic mold.  Under the “Health” tab, you can read our story and more information on biotoxin illnesses.

Biotoxin illness redefined who we were and shapes how we live our lives today.  It thrust us into homeschooling and fulltime RV living.  Because these things also define us, I have created tabs for those as well.

I hope you enjoy the blog posts and please ask questions!  I am very open about our experiences.  Enjoy!